The talayots from Sa Cudia Cremada

Talayots are massive tower-shaped buildings that can be found in talayotic settlements from both Mallorca and Menorca. Many of them are huge truncated cone-shape structures, although there are different typologies on the two islands. However, they all share the same characteristic, which is that of being composed of large stone blocks without any type of mortar.
The name of the culture and period (Talaiotic) derives from the name of these structures, since they are amongst the most emblematic features of the Prehistoric Archaeology of the islands.
Most of the talayots in Mallorca have an inner chamber, which could have been used to store products or as meeting spaces. On the other hand, the talayots from Menorca have different typologies, since whereas some of them have chambers, others are solid structures. Those that have an inner chamber could have stored products, and the rest could have served as defensive watchtowers for the control of the territory.
Also, it is thought that talaiots could have been a symbol of power by the elites, which was expressed through a monumental architecture.
In Sa Cudia Cremada there are three talayots:
The largest one presents steps leading to the top, whereas in the second one its entrance is still visible (although the roof of its inner chamber collapsed). Both talayots are located quite close to the settlement’s sanctuary and, as several structures which are visible from the surface indicate, more buildings were located in the same area.
Small talayot at Sa Cudia Cremada site
There is a third talayot which is a large building with a somewhat rectilinear façade and an intact inner chamber. From its entrance, which is located at the façade, you can still visit its inner chamber…where a surprise awaits its visitors:
There is an art-nouveau sculpture of the Virgin Mary, which was placed there by the landlady in the past…
Sculpture inside talayot at Sa Cudia CremadaDo you want to see it? Come to Sa Cudia Cremada and discover its Archaeology, History and much more!!

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