Sa Cudia Cremada’s Taula sanctuary after the first excavation campaign

The building under archaeological research at Sa Cudia Cremada is a Taula sanctuary from the Late Talayotic period (Late Iron Age). But, how can we be so sure about it?

Since we started our project we thought that the building we intended to dig was a taula sanctuary, due to its main layout (a horseshoe-shaped layout with a slightly concave façade with a central entrance). However, we were not able to confirm it as we lacked the main monument that all these buildings have in a central position: the taula (the central T-shaped monument composed of two large stone slabs, one vertical and the other horizontally placed on the first one). For this reason, at the start of our first excavation campaign we decided to name the building: “apsidal enclosure”, while we were waiting to discover its taula monument.

At the beginning of the archaeological excavations, we found that even though all its walls were well-preserved and visible from the surface, the building was completely filled by sediment and its main entrance was blocked up with stones.

When we started digging in this building, during the first days we were able to define its internal space and located several emblematic elements typical from this type of religious buildings, such as some of the pilasters that abut to the perimeter walls. During the first days of fieldwork we also found a vertical stone slab in a central position inside the building, which was facing south: that was the Taula itself!

The good news is that the Taula is in situ. The bad news is that it misses its upper part, which will be possibly found at the bottom of the building. We do not know how long the surviving part is, the one which is still standing in an upright position. We do not know if we will find its capital at the ground. We hope to locate all these elements as we continue digging inside this amazing and unique building!
Sanctuary's aerial view

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