Our Team

Montserrat Anglada Fontestad


Archaeologist (Barcelona University) specialized in conservation and restoration. Since 2002 she has been working in several archaeological sites in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. Since 2009 she codirects an archaeological project focused on the study of the early Talayotic period in the settlement of Cornia Nou. Since 2011 she is also a scientific codirector in a project focused on the study of prehistoric fortified coastal sites in the Balearic Islands, which includes the intervention in two of them: Sa Ferradura (Mallorca) and Cala Morell (Menorca).



Cristina Bravo Asensio


She has worked as an archaeologist since 2007 in both commercial and research projects in Scotland, England, mainland of Spain and Menorca. She finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) and studied a MA in Medieval Studies at the same university a year later. She also holds a MA in Ancient Mediterranean (Graeco-Roman archaeology specialization). She also runs the company in archaeological and cultural tourism and education: Nurarq. Her research interests are Roman and Early Medieval archaeology, the study of Roman pottery and Romanization of the Balearics. 


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Irene Riudavets González

laoPeArchaeologist graduated in History (UB) and MA in History and Sciences of Antiquity (UCM-UAM), specialized in Ancient Egypt. Since 2010 is a member of the research team at the site of Oxyrhynchus (Egypt). She has been part of several excavations in prehistoric and protohistoric sites in Menorca and Mallorca. She is also the coordinator of the Minorcan Section of the Balearic Institute of Egyptology, and collaborates as a teacher in the online course “Egypt’s History: Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period” taught at the CEPOAT from Murcia University. She also runs the company in archaeological and cultural tourism and education: Nurarq.


Other Team Members

The team also counts with a group of renowned specialists who are in charge of carrying out different types of anayses related to the fields of zooarchaeology, biological anthropology, radiocarbon dating, ancient architecture and phytolits, among others. Some of these professionals participate in the field school to give lectures to our students.

Valeria Dall’Ara (assistant archaeologist)

She studied at the universities of Pisa (Italy) and Madrid (Spain), where she specialized in prehistory and conservation of archaeological finds.She has worked in several archaeological excavations dating from different periods in Spain, France, Italy and Mexico, in projects of the Sovraintendenza dei Beni Archeologici of Bolzano and Firenze (Italy) and The Boston University Archaeological Field School in Menorca.