Are you an individual, company or any type of institution interested in finding a cultural project to fund/ sponsor or just help a bit with a contribution?

Sa Cudia Cremada Field School is a non-profit organization that runs the archaeological research project at the site called in the same way: Sa Cudia Cremada, which is located in the outskirts of Mahon, Menorca’s capital (Balearic Islands, Spain). The site has the remains of a large settlement dating from the Bronze and Iron Age period, which was occupied by members of the so-called talayotic culture. This culture only flourished in Menorca and Mallorca and the remains and material culture left by its members are unique in the world (monumental cyclopean architecture, unique pottery production, complex funerary and religious rituals, amongst other characteristics).

Our project focuses on the excavation and study of the site’s sanctuary, known as taula enclosure, a type of monumental building which is exclusive to Menorca. By carrying out archaeological research at this building, we aim at finding out more about the people who used it, the type of rituals that were carried out inside and the external influences prehistoric Menorcans received from other Mediterranean cultures they had contacts with, such as the Punics.

The importance of the site and our research is high, and that is why we started working at Sa Cudia Cremada in 2015. Due to its many possibilities and its archaeological wealth, we decided to offer international courses on archaeological practice on site, so that students from all over the world can learn about Archaeology while digging in this amazing site.

In order to make sure this project can continue been conducted, we need to engage people who would like to contribute to the knowledge we have about the site as well as Menorca’s and the Mediterranean’s Prehistory.

If you decide to support us by donating a sum of money to the project (any kind of sum is welcome!), or sponsoring us, you will form part of this great and growing project. Also, you will have these benefits:

A) If you decide to give us a donation:

  • You will receive updates on the project via email
  • You will be invited to visit the site and be given a guided tour by the team if you come to the island
  • You can join us at the dig and spend one (or more) days with us on site*
  • You will receive our project official T-Shirt*
  • Your name will be acknowledged on our annual report and all sorts of official documents

*Depending on donation

B) If your company or institution decides to sponsor us:

  • Your institution/ company’s logo will appear on our website
  • Your institution/ company’s logo will appear on our site’s signs/ banners
  • Your institution/ company will be mentioned in all of our official documents
  • You and your workers/ colleagues will be invited to visit the site to be given a guided tour by the team
  • You and your workers/ colleagues will be invited to visit the site to be given a guided tour by the team and dig in the sanctuary.
  • Upon request, the team members can organize talks, lectures and/or workshops to you and your colleagues and workers about our project, Archaeology, and any other related topic.
  • Other activities and initiatives can be arranged too.

Why becoming our sponsor or why supporting us?

  • Our project is 100% focused on the study of the Sa Cudia Cremada site’s sanctuary, so that we can carry out high-quality research that can offer valuable data on the sanctuary’s morphology, uses and occupation phases. Our organization is devoted to the study of this site, and does not take advantage of being a non-profit organization to try to excavate in several places at the time and make money out of it. All the money we raised helps us study Sa Cudia Cremada’s sanctuary, not to use it for any other purposes.
  • Because this type of sanctuaries are exclusive to Menorca (horse-shoe shaped buildings with a central T-shaped monument). This means nothing like this can be found anywhere else in the world, and now we have the chance to study one of them…More than 20 years ago the last sanctuary of this type was excavated on Menorca…and now we have the opportunity to excavate in one of these spaces…We don’t know when a sanctuary like this will be located and excavated again!

Taula monument of Talatí de Dalt

  • There are many questions that have not found an answer yet about taula sanctuaries: where they open-air spaces or did they have roofs? Who were the people in charge of conducting the rituals? Is there evidence of social hierarchization? When were these buildings exactly built? Our project aims at finding answers to these and many other questions. In order to do so, analyses of different remains have to be carried out (radiocarbon dating, palynological studies, materials typological analyses, etc) so that those answers can be accurate.
  • Because the Prehistoric Archaeology of Menorca is outstanding, unique and very well preserved, and by studying the sanctuary of Sa Cudia Cremada we want to do our bit to help in the dissemination of Menorca’s archaeological wealth at an international level. Help us spread the word about this amazing archaeological heritage!
  • Because last year we started an international field school and we want to make sure we can continued welcoming students to join us in this project.

fieldwork at Sa Cudia Cremada's sanctuary

For these reasons we encourage you to form part of this project—Do you want to help us?

Follow this link for donations or contact us at for sponsoring us.

Thank you!!!




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