Our tasks at the field school run every week day and imply both physical and mental work, whereas on Saturdays students go on guided field trips to discover several archaeological sites and museums on the island.

But what about your free time? Many of you might not have been in Menorca before and, consequently, you might not know that this is an amazing island for many reasons…And it is summer time! A time of the year when the island is full of visitors, local festivals take place in its villages and the warm weather invites you to go to the beach…

Here you have some tips on what to do on your free days while you are a Sa Cudia Cremada student!

  1. Discover the city of Mahón, the island’s capital:

Mahón is a beautiful historical city, which has the largest natural port in the Mediterranean. Wondering around its streets, finding its corners, public buildings, markets, squares and cafés is a very good thing to do to know more of the island’s present and past times and the place where you will stay for 3 weeks.


  1. Rent a bicycle, motorbike or car and explore more of the island!

Explore other parts of the island by renting a bike, motorbike or car and discover other villages as well as natural parks, picturesque areas and beaches! What about visiting Es Castell (a town which is very close to Mahón) or going further away and reach Ciutadella at the western side of Menorca? Each town has a lot to be seen!

  1. Try some local food!

Go out for some tapas and have a nice and relaxed time in a terrace with your mates! Discover the tradition of eating tapas (small dishes to be shared as appetizers) and try some of the best Menorcan products: Mahón’s cheese, sobrassada, carnixua, etc. You’ll find out that Menorcan products are extremely delicious and will make you get your energy back!

Mahón's cheese

  1. Keep discovering Menorca’s Archaeology!

Even though we’ll take you to see some of the most amazing archaeological sites on the island every week, if you want to see more of them in your free days, that’s a great thing to so! Take your map and design your archaeological routes, ask us for some advice on what to see if you want to go on your own or get more information about guided routes!

Taula of Trepucó

  1. Try new things

In summer Menorca offers a wide catalogue of activities for both tourists and locals: you can go horseback riding in amazing natural areas, do some scuba diving (Menorca’s waters are very clean and clear!), go on a boat ride to some beaches, or even book wines tastings and cultural dramatized visits in archaeological sites! So many options, so you won’t get bored in your free time!

Have you already been to Menorca? Would you add more things to do on this list? Will you be on the island for the first time this year? O you have any questions? Ask us!

Enjoy your time at Sa Cudia Cremada Field School!

Sa Cudia Cremada

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