3 reasons why September is a great month to come to Menorca to dig with Sa Cudia Cremada Field School!

For those of you signing up for our September courses with Sa Cudia Cremada Field School this year, we have some tips so that you know what to do in your free time on the island! Exploring Menorca’s nature, archaeology, beaches and towns is something highly recommended at any time, but September is a great month to do all this for several reasons:

The weather is still warm, but usually it is not that hot as in July and August. This means you can swim in the beach, sunbathe, etc., but you can also walk or go on a hike (but always make sure you have some water and a hat with you anyways!). And consequently, it is a great time of the year to dig!

Minorcan beach - Sa Cudia Cremada

menorca - sa cudia cremadaTaula of Trepucó

Favàritx - Sa Cudia Cremada






The island is busy with tourists and many things to do (concerts, night markets, so on), but it is no as busy as in the previous two months. This means it is easier to find a calm beach (and a spot to lay your tower!), explore the nicest pubs and restaurants, find a parking slot, visit the must-to-see spots on the island (towns, monuments, lighthouses, etc.) without those being crowded with people, so on.


Mahon’s horse festival takes place at the beginning of September (6th to 9th of September)! If you really want to discover Menorca’s traditions, you can’t miss this beautiful festival, where during several days you’ll see many beautiful Minorcan horses on the streets.

Join us in our 2017 September courses and discover a true archaeological ad natural paradise: Menorca!

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